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Cycle of seasons have rolled once again and after bagging cool winter success we are feeling very happy to announce even more better and hotter summer camps. 

Not only wildlife camps but we are also prepared for children`s playful summer camps where children are ought to forget their studies, exams and every other strenuous routine. Our experience says couple of days of fun adventures recharges their batteries for many upcoming months. 

We are not done yet. This summer we are also arranging hikes, nature trails, senior citizens tours and much more. Take a look on our perfectly designed itinerary, choose your camp and be prepared to enter in a new world called `Life`



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 This nocturnal primate spends the day curled up in a tight ball. They inhibit tropical rainforest, scrub forest, semi-deciduous forest and swamps. Slender lorises are categorised as Vulnerable by the 2000 IUCN Red List.


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Tadoba is the most popular tiger reserve in Maharashtra; it is unique – it has no notified core area, every corner is accessible. The beauty of the reserve, the abundance of animals and frequent sightings make Tadoba a memorable experience.
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Amboli (reptile Spl)

Words like rain, orchids, flowers, jungle, leopards, bear, deer, snake, birds, butterfly, and waterfall, when mentioned creates an atmosphere of a nature camp in our mind. Now if you add the words, Sol kadi, and Fish to it, it further narrows down
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Leh Ladakh

Leh is a backpacker's haven with numerous trekking trails, valleys, and picturesque lakes. Renowned as the land of monks and monasteries there is lots to see in this amazing piece of land.
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