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There are two types of elephant, the Asian elephant and the African elephant (although sometimes the African Elephant is split into two species, the African Forest Elephant and the African Bush Elephant).


Team Insearch

Shauri Sulakhe

With more than twenty years of camping experience behind him, he has an uncanny ability to reach out and share his knowledge with fellow campers. His interests lie in bird watching, insects and snakes but the over-riding passion is Butterflies. His skills at photography especially microphotography are evident in the more than hundred slide shows he has held. He is a regular contributor of written articles to Sakal, The Times of India and other magazines.

Special Interests: Microphotography of herpetofauna.

Pushkar Phansalkar

A zoology student camping with In Search for past 8 years and working as resource person on various wildlife camps for past 4 years. He is an avid birdwatcher and specially interested in herpetofauna. Forests of Dandeli in Karnataka has special place in his heart and he has been there `N` number times to explore the beauty of wildlife.


Special interests:  Herpetofauna, mammals, wildlife photography.

Nikhil Dandekar

He started camping with In Search in a tender age and got influenced by diversity of Indian flora and fauna. He is an engineer turned wildlife enthusiast and has been exploring the forests all over India for past 8 years. Interested in Bird-watching, butterflies and herpetofauna. Currently pursuing wildlife research as a career and works with InSearch Outdoors as a resource person. He is also passionate about wildlife photography.

Birdwatching, herpetofauna.
Special interest: Birding and Wildlife photography.

Nikhil Kanojia

A vocalist in a renowned rock band, Nikhil is a versatile personality who spreads the aura of his hidden qualities in every camp he instructs for his beloved In Search. He has been awarded with appreciations for the act of valour in many unanticipated situations while conducting camp. His good photography skills can be seen in his facebook albums.

Interests: Herpetofauna, birdwatching.
Special interest: Wildlife photography.

Poorva Kamathe

Poorva is a great combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, courage and endurance. She is a good trekker and her quiver is equipped with knowledge of flora & fauna, good communication skills and crowd control techniques.

Interests: Birdwatching and herpetofauna.
Special interest: Perennial as well as ephimeral flora, wildlife photography.

Srushti Bhave

Srushti is a good outdoor performer and a very good team member. She has always impressed participants as well as other memebers of the team with her team handling and communication skills. Being a zoology student her interest lies in wildlife, and more specifically in birdwatching.

Interests: Birdwatching 
Special interest: Habitat specific ecosystems in various national parks.

Sanika Karjatkar

Sanika who used to be a sweet little camper of In Search, now works as a resource person for various wildlife camps. She always make gallant efforts to pull team together and execute the programs successfully. We feel proud for having such an efficient person in our team.

Special interest: Kids camps, Wildlife exploration.

Varun Kher

Varun is a F.Y B.Sc student and a vivid lover of nature with distinguished liking of insects, especially odonates (Dragonflies and Damselflies) and butterflies. He has documented most of the odonates from the pune region and has many new entries to the list. Along with odonates, butterflies, arachnids, birds and now mammals continue to be on his favorites list. Be sure of having some value addition when camping with him.

Interests: Birdwatching, herpetofauna
Special interests: Odonates, Arachnids and wildlife photography.

Abhishek Bhingarkar

Abhishek is one of the pillars of In Search. He is a true expert in conducting one day outings and his leadership skills brightly shine on every occasion, be it a outing or any other type of public event. He loves trekking and exploring new places.

Interests: Treking, long distance bike rides.


Sameet Desai

Jungle of Kanha has made special place in Samit's heart and you will find him eager to visit Kanha National Park at any given moment. He conducts all of our Kanha batches in a particular season, with same eagerness and enthusiasm. He is an entrepreneur by profession and a true wildlifer at heart.

Interests: Birdwatching, mammals. 
Special interest: Tigers and other members of big cats family.

Chaitanya Risbud

Chaitnya a senior college science student, studying in order to peruse his dream of becoming forest officer. Once a regular camper of In Search, he has now become resource person of our team. His expertise lies with birds, specially nocturnal birds. He is also fond of trekking and loves exploring new places. A good team player and always ready to help when team needs him.

Interests: Trekking, birdwatching and herpetofauna.

Prajakta Gharpure

'Young n Talented', Prajakta is an exuberant volunteer of In Search. Her 'ice-breaking' and 'team-building skills' have always been appreciated by campers. She is a good artist. You can see her artwork in the form of beautiful paitings and sketches in her facebook albums. Being a artist, photographer and a nature lover, Prajakta is definetly a feather in Insearch's hat.

Mayuresh Kulkarni

Mayuresh got associated with In Search on common interest of love for wildlife. He is a Mumbai based young enthusiastic nature lover and wildlife photographer. This `Hotel Management` student couldn’t hold his curiosity for exploring nature and started visiting parks and sanctuaries `In Search` of life. He is a one of the leading resource persons of team In Search and have always came back with positive feedbacks.

Interests: Birdwatching, flora, butterflies and insects.
Special interest: Perennial as well as ephimeral flora, wildlife photography.

Makarand Ketkar

He is an In Search Outdoors employee and handles important profiles like corporate, schools, wildlife camps, one day outings, marketing and promotions.
Hardcore trekker and an avid photographer, Makarand has an underlying passion for snakes, books and the Marathi language. His love for nature drew him to InSearch, where he found his calling. He has been trekking since 2001, and working with InSearch for 1.5 yrs. Extrovert by nature, he gets along well with people from all age groups. 

Interests: Nature and photography.
Special interests: Snakes & birds. 


Rohan Patwardhan

An inseparable part of In Search Outdoors, Rohan is a young and enthusiastic member of the team. He is a very generous and helpful person. His enthusiastic nature makes him jump in unconditionally, whenever the team needs a strong support.

Interest: Trekking & herpetofauna




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